WinCe Apple CarPlay & Android Auto 7” Touchscreen Head Unit q3203

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WinCe Q3203 Apple CarPlay Touchscreen Head Unit

If you’re after a cheap, reliable budget head unit, this would be the way to go! 

This WinCe Q3203 Apple CarPlay Head Unit is a great all-rounder with a range of uses to suit the modern driver. Made for Apple devices, this unit come with Apple CarPlay connectivity which allows you to use a selection of your favourite apps on the move including maps, music and more while connected via USB.  This car stereo also features Bluetooth technology suitable for wireless music streaming. If wired connections are more in your wheelhouse, this head unit features a front facing AUX port for music streaming, a USB port for simultaneous charging, or FM radio with custom saveable channels to cut the smartphone connection out altogether. This unit is also compatible with the reverse cameras we provide.


  • Built-in D-Play system: This section is where you will find Apple CarPlay or Android Auto
  • To access CarPlay & Android Auto your device must be connected via a genuine Apple or Android USB cable 
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Apple Maps & Google Maps when connected to either system (Apple CarPlay or Android Auto)
  • FM radio: If you don’t want to use the CARPLAY feature, you can use it as a normal radio! You can listen to real-time traffic, news broadcasts, weather forecasts, etc
  • Steering wheel control function (we private a cable, however you may need to purchase new patch leads)
  • Reverse camera (Free camera included in every purchase - while stock last) 
  • AUX audio input interface supports external MP3, mobile phones, music players, etc.
  • Supports Subwoofer and Amps (does not support Sony or JBL)
  • RCA Audio output (L out R out) 

Tech Spec

Din Size Reference

Double DIN

CD/DVD Reader



178mm (W) x 102mm (H) x 63mm (D)


7 Inch

Wiring Harness

Universal wiring harness

D-Play System Built in 
Apple CarPlay Built in
Android Auto Built in
Bluetooth Built in
Brand WinCe
Audio Output 4x45w
System winCe2897VX
Radio Range FM 87.5-108.0MHZ
Model Number  7013b
Chip (Processor)  568v5.2 (2018)
Languages Options 20+ Languages


Bluetooth, touchscreen, colour changing buttons, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, fm radio, Google and Apple maps (when connected to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto), AUX, USB, Mirror link

Google Maps/Apple Maps

Google maps and apple maps work when connected to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto
Remote Control

Change colours, music and more via the remote control 

Package Includes


1 x Head unit

1 x Remote Control

1 x Audio Cable

1 x Power Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Reverse Camera 


This head unit (along with all the head units located here) is universal. This means they are compatible with every vehicle - this does not mean they will fit every vehicle on their own. Most vehicles with a standard 7 inch head unit compartment do not require any extra attachment, however, if your head unit compartment is bigger, smaller or a different shape you will require a facia kit. If you are unsure and need advice please reach out to us and one of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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