Advice for units purchased alone with HARD WIRING Cables:

Head Units purchased on their own - we provide a universal hard wiring kit - we usually provable a 16 PIN or 20 PIN power & speaker socket. These cables require hardwiring to your existing cables.

They are not PLUG and PLAY

However, these units can be made plug and play.

    How to create PLUG and PLAY installation for units purchased without it:

    Note: We strongly suggest that the units are installed with the cables that are provided.

    All that is required is a unit specific harness + a car specific loom (we do not sell these separately - our plug and play harnesses are only sold in our upgrade kits) 

    Most local auto stores will be able to provide the required attachments - generally any Supercheap Auto and Auto Barn 

    For more information on plug and play - please contact an auto store or consult with an auto electrician that specialises in them.

    We also ask that you please recognise we are not professional auto electricians. We are only experts on the products we sell and any aftermarket attachments that you purchase outside of our store limit us from helping you the best we can.

    We do strongly suggest talking to a professional auto electrician about installation as they would have much more knowledge on the installations process than us.

    We are giving you all the knowledge we have about the installation process and  plug and play harnesses for non plug and play units.

    We strongly advise you seek professional help when installing as we are not liable for any errors the customer makes in the installation process - please read our refund policy for more information. 

    Hard wiring tips

    • Ensure the ignition cable (ACC) is connected correctly and securely as if it is not it will drain your battery - this is the case with ALL aftermarket head units and is a VERY common installation error. If the unit is not installed properly, it will not turn off even after the car is switched off - it will continue to run on the battery. This is also the case when you have wires making unwanted contact and thus causing the issue or a bad radio fuse - ensure all fuses are not worn and in good working order and you have also connected the unit to the correct fuses - For example, when you connect the stereo to a constant fuse, you should have installed it to the switch fuse etc - It is SUPER important you understand how to install after market units - if you lack the knowledge please seek professional advice. 
    • Ensure your car runs its own ground cable - if it does not you will have to run your own ground cable or the unit will not turn on.
    • Ensure you follow all wiring diagrams exactly.
    • All hard wiring must be soldiered.

    Advice for units purchased in a package with PLUG and PLAY cables:

    You will receive plug and play wiring if your order states it is included with it - they are usually only sold in our complete car packages. This installation is self explanatory - The cables we provide will simply connect to your cars existing wiring.

    Please continue reading for an in depth guide on how to install the cables

    Reverse camera:

    Please contact us here for installations tips + videos on how to install the reverse camera as most models are slightly different.

    Steering wheel controls:

    For MP5 systems - simply connect the KEY 1 cable provided to your current KEY 1 connection. If you have more than 1 KEY you will require an additional patch lead for KEY 2 connections. Many auto electricians are capable of installing both the KEYS required by using only the one KEY connector we provided  

    For Android Operating Systems - Once the steering controls are connected via KEY 1 and KEY 2 you will need to have the system learn the steering wheel controls. If you are unsure how to please contact us here for a video on how to do this.

    Hard Wiring Installation Diagrams/Guide

    For wiring diagrams for non plug and play units please contacts us here 

    Plug and Play installation guide:

    Step 1: Plug the cables with the white heads into the back of the unit where appropriate. Then connect the plug and play harness into the available black socket located right above the fuse - this is the harness that was provided with your order (It would have only been provided if you ordered the PLUG AND PLAY upgrade kits)

    Step 2: Attach the head unit to the facia kit provided (you will only have a facia kit if your bundle comes with one. Ensure the head unit is sitting flush in the facia kit. You will need to use between 4-5 screws to securely attached the head unit to the facia kit. The screws will need to be screwed into each corner at the rear of the facia kit. Some facia kits may require a screw in the middle on the rear of the facia kit – DO NOT USE SCREWS LONGER THAN 8MM AS THIS IS THE MAXIMUM DEPTH AVAILABLE BEFORE YOU DAMAGE THE SCREEN! Ideally you want to use 3x7mm or 3x8mm, self-tapping or M3x7mm or M3x8mm screws.

    Step 3: to begin the installation process ensure you DISCONNECT THE CARS BATTERY. Now, you will need to remove the existing radio and facia kit if you have not already. Most vehicles stock radios are quite simple to remove with very basic tools. There are countless YouTube videos available for this step for almost all models. Simply search ‘Radio removal (followed by your car year and model)’. Please ensure you do not CUT or DAMAGE any of the old cables as this is where the new harness plug into.

    Step 4: After successfully removing the older radio ensure all the cables are unplugged. They will simply unplug and disconnect from the rear of the old unit. Next, locate the new harness provided in your bundle (these may already be attached to your head unit) and find the plugs that simply plug into your old radios plugs – hence the plug and play! Ensure a tight, safe and secure connection is made.

    Both the NEW plug and play harness and the OLD already existing vehicle harness may have excess connections/plugs. Having excess plugs is normal - not every connection needs to be made. The supplied harness works for several models, so only some will work with your car’s connection. Simply leave the rest of the plugs disconnected and connect the ones that match. 

    Step 5: It is important to connect the radio plug firmly to the back of the head unit (the round socket), which will have a long, fat single pin that will come from your car. Connect firmly into the Radio Antenna Slot. This plug will also come with the plug and play connector. You may have a rectangular antenna plug on some models that you will plug into the supplied converter cable (the cable comes with some models' plug and play harnesses/facias). If your vehicle only has the 1 standard pin radio plug, then that is what you will need to use.

    Step 6: UBS RETENTION cables are provided with some harnesses. You will need to connect the end that contains the socket into the back of the head unit. At the other end of the cable, a single cable from your vehicle will connect into there. See image below for reference (the look of the plug may vary slightly).

    Please note: This step is NOT FOR EVERY CAR – you will only require this step if your bundle includes a USB RETENTION CABLE.

    If you do not have the USB RETENTION CABLE, simply ignore this step.

    Step 7: You are almost done! It is now time to re connect the battery and turn the car on.

    Ensure all the wiring necessary is connected securely and all the ground wires are connected the correct grounding point of your vehicle (if it is not then the radio will not power on).

    Step 8: Enjoy! If you are at this step, it means you are finished with the installation! Thank you so much for supporting our small business.


    How to access Apple CarPlay & Android auto - Via Z link connection (Z-link is only available for Android based operating systems)

    After complete installation of the head unit - follow the steps below.

    • Connect your phone to the unit via Bluetooth, Wifi hotspot or a genuine USB Cable (Bluetooth password is either: 0000, 1234, 123456 or 8888. If these do not work please contact us)
    • Open the Z link app 
    • Apple CarPlay or Android Auto will automatically connect.
    • If it does not connect please verify your bluetooth connection close the apps opened and try again.

    Wifi Connection

    • Open settings on the head unit and select Android settings
    • Select 'Network & Internet'
    • Select 'hotspot & tethering' and set up a hotspot connection.
    • Open Z-Link and Apple CarPlay or Android Auto will automatically connect.

    If you would like a video on how to access this - please contact us.

    How to access Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Via USB Connection (MP5 only):

    After complete installation of the head unit - follow the steps below.

    • Connect a genuine Apple or Android Cable to your head unit
    • Connect the cable to your phone

    For iPhone users:

    Once your phone is connected to the cable Apple CarPay with automatically load on the screen - if it does not you will need to select D-Play, A-Play or CarLink (Depending on your model) and Apple CarPay with load on the screen.

    For Android users:

    Once your phone is connected to the cable Android Auto with automatically load on the screen - if it does not you will need to select D-Play, A-Play or CarLink (Depending on your model) and Android Auto with load on the screen.

    If you would like a video on how to access this - please contact us.

    If the microphone quality is poor, it can be due to one of the following reasons:

    • Your car may be creating a lot of background noise or your car may not be completely compatible with our mic
    • It may have been moved internally during the installation as they are very light and fragile.

    If you are using the unit for phone calls (especially through CarPlay) - you will need a 3.5mm radio microphone for a clearer sound. These are inexpensive, and can be purchased from our store (if in stock) or online (around $10-20). Must be bluetooth and head unit compatible.

    The mic built into the unit is generally only suitable for voice commands due to its tiny size. CarPlay software requires a physical external microphone for phone calls for clearer sound. The microphone can be plugged into the black "MIC" plug which is attached to the bundle of coloured RCA Plugs (if your unit has them) or into the 3.5mm jack on the front or back of your unit. This bundle can be plugged into the back of the unit via the long white plug. Then, connect your 3.5mm microphone cord into the black plug labelled "MIC"... make sure it is plugged in tightly.

    For more information, please contact us here.


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