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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services can you help with pre and post purchase?

We can help with, but are not limited to the following:

Installation diagrams for all head units

Installation diagrams for reverse cameras 

Installation videos for reverse our cameras 

Auto electrician recommendations

Help with installation 

Help with getting the correct facia kit

Help with trouble shooting common installation errors  

2. How can i make my head unit plug and play?

Simple! All you need is a vehicle specific primary harness + a head unit specific harness to suit your chosen model (the majorly of our models require a 16 pin ISO power socket - For example - A 16 pin Kenwood Power socket)

We do not specialise in plug and play harness for single or double din units bought on their own -


All of our complete car set ups come with everything needed to make installation easy - including all the required plug and play harnesses!

3. Are you based in Australia?

Yes, we are located in Liverpool, Sydney Australia. 

4. Do all units have wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

No! The only units that have these features are the ones that state they have it in the description. Please read the descriptions carefully.

5. Why don’t you have a contact number?

We have opted to remove our contact number as our wait times over the phone exceeded that of our digital customer support. We currently only provide digital customer service as it allows us to retain the entire conversation and gives our customers less wait time.

You can contact us via the chat box or via email at: 

6. Can i use an Apple product with a unit that says Android is the operating system?

Of course! All the units in our store are designed to work with Apple iPhones - 'Android' is just the name of the operating system used in some of our units. This does not affect the use of an Apple Products.

For all other enquirers please reach out to us!


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